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This would have been fine, except he didn’t wake

Me up until he was currently in my room, in which I was sleeping bare. The other day, a repairman woke me up so he could adjust the filter in my furnace.



This morning, I went jogging with my girlfriend

Im fairly positive my moobs bounced a lot more than her breasts..

Leprachaun Face Paint

Supply: by way of Nikki on Pinterest

Hilton garden inn city centre glasgow overview

Has a 4 star hotels cheap galveston tx hotels in galveston parking lot.

A $500 fine from the transit for public littering

I got a call, even a quote. Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to get my business out there, I dropped a few of my cards on a station floor. A $500 fine from the transit for public littering.

with a phone call asking me to bring him comic books because he’s bored

He woke me at five a. m. Previous evening, following three times of hospital tenting with my extremely ill partner, he was ultimately out of hazard when I still left last evening to get my very first excellent evenings snooze in practically 96 hours..