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Distressed Design–what a cool way to use an old entertainment armoire for a little girl’s room. Check out the door-mounted mirror. I can see the other door with a cork board or ribbon board for school reminders, ticket stubs, or invitations. If she has a

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest



What can I use that’s as convienient as wet wipes for a toddler? Cotton wool and water is just a

I would not say that cotton balls and water or paper towels and water are just as wasteful.

Boyfriend jealous of my accomplishments

This is a lengthy one particular. but a great go through haha.

outside lights

The westin san francisco airport millbrae

They had my blog orchard hotel singapore phone number some good beer on tap.

HELP! the envelopes I got with my invites are too big! RO

If it bothers I. If it bug I.

Just watched The impossible 2012 yesterday

This is an unforgettable tribute to the willpower of a extremely special family.